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9 Ways To Improve Weekend Brunch

According to a study done by The Washington Post, brunch continues to be a growing trend among Americans. And with Chicago's ever-growing and creative restaurant scene, this shouldn't come as a surprise.

The demand for brunch is there, so it's just a matter of how hotels, cafes and restaurants can find a way to separate themselves from the rest and create a brunch experience that will have foodies coming back for more. In addition to amazing cuisine, managers and chefs should also pay close attention to interior and exterior decor and tabletop pieces to create a warm and inviting brunch experience. Here are some innovative ways to do that:

1. Create a theme

Your restaurant or hotel already has a defined brand or theme, so why not add a theme to your brunch? From farmhouse rustic to metallic modernism, choose pieces that go together to create a cohesive theme within your establishment. Featured above, you'll see a balanced blend of the Bamboo and Root collections from Front of the House, which gives off a more natural theme.

2. Add a flare of style to your buffet display

Bring aesthetic appeal to your buffet display. Sure, a few hot pans and burners can get the job done, but having a well-designed buffet display can compliment the interior decor of your dining area. Pictured above is the NEW Station Guide buffet display from Rosseto. You'll also find a variety of buffet solutions from Front of the House.

3. Get creative with your coffee

Gone are the days of burnt coffee from greasy spoon diners. While coffee is one of the least expensive items you can offer with the highest profitability, that doesn't mean you should cut corners on the quality of its taste or how it's served. Before your customer takes their first sip, excite them with a creative presentation. Villeroy & Boch has been rethinking how coffee is served with their New Wave Caffe collection.

4. Offer eco-friendly disposables

For large events that call for disposables, consider an eco-friendy serving solution. Servewise from Front of the House offers a guilt-free disposable serving solution that's natural & organic to give your event a high-end unique look.

5. Pay attention to plating

Before a customer even takes their first bite, they already have a first impression based off how the food is presented to them. By choosing quality and unique dishware, you'll be able to draw their eyes to the main course and tempt them to indulge in the meal even more. Pictured above, is the Della Terra collection from Elite Global Solutions which features an organic design and is 100% melamine. To see more plating options, click here.

6. Build your own Bloody bar

Millennials are more enticed and driven to purchase if the experience is worthwhile. Instead of just offering a Bloody Mary on your menu, why not give diners the option to create their own? "Build Your Own" bars are one of the latest trends that we're seeing in the brunch space. Pictured above is a great example of one in action that was created using buffet essentials from Front of the House. The bar craze doesn't stop there - you can get even more creative by offering a waffle or pancake bar where patrons can choose their own toppings.

7. Keep it chilled

Whether it be juice and champagne or fruit and cheese, offer easy access to brunch essentials for your guests while keeping the items chilled and fresh. Take it a step further with an aesthetically pleasing set-up, similar to this one from Rosseto which features their Iris multi-chef ice tub.

8. Add accents to the table

Add a pop of color to the table with a beautiful table runner, simple floral display or set of table mats. Front of the House offers swatches with a variety interwoven textiles for you to choose from in their Metroweave collection.

9. Bring some sweetness to courtesy water

When a restaurant or hotel adds a thoughtful touch to typical complimentary offerings, it really shows. Whether it's providing bread and homemade jam before the entree is served or adding flavor to the courtesy water with fresh fruit, these details rarely go unnoticed. For that added "wow" factor, utilize a stylish beverage dispenser like this one from Rosseto and fill it up with seasonal fruit to add extra pops of color.

Now, who's ready for brunch? We certainly are! Hopefully these ideas helped spark some creativity for your business. To learn more about the lines we offer that cater to breakfast buffets and brunch, contact us today or schedule a visit to our showroom!

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