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10 Ways to Make the Most Out of Patio Season

You know summer's right around the corner when you start to see the tables and chairs line the sidewalks outside of restaurants. From sidewalk patios to back lot beer gardens, rooftop dining areas to poolside eating, al fresco dining is just as much of a must-do summer activity as going to the beach is. This is what us Midwesterners wait for all winter, so why not put your best foot forward with an outdoor dining experience that'll bring customers back for more?

Here are some ways that you can:

1. Add a pop of color with beautiful placemats

A colorful floral arrangement is a great way to brighten up a patio space, but so are colorful placemats. The Metroweave Collection from Front of the House can provide some texture to your tabletop and is available in a number of colors and cuts. You can even make a custom order for your restaurant or hotel.

2. Set up an al fresco buffet

For outdoor brunches or parties, consider a beautifully displayed buffet using the Skycap risers and housing from Rosseto. They're extremely easy to set up and take down, but they'll elevate the look of your buffet in an instance.

3. Skip the breakage, go glass-free

Keep the drinks coming, without the breakage! Having to clean up broken glass can be inconvenient, but having to clean it up near a pool area or someplace where your customers might be wearing non-closed toe shoes? That can be dangerous! To eliminate the risk, check out these awesome reusable plastic drinkware options from Front of the House and Elite Global Solutions.

4. Make a summer specific drink menu

Drinking pina coladas in the dead of winter, isn't something most Chicagoans do. But in the summer? Any refreshing and fruity drink is fair game! Create a unique summer cocktail list that'll give your customers just another thing to be excited to come in for! Pictured above are the Hurricane glasses from Elite Global Solutions. And they're made from polycarbonate, so no need to worry about the breakage!

5. Cool off with refreshing water dispensers

Add some flare to complimentary water with the Iris water dispensers from Rosseto. These are great additions for patio set-ups and are easy to assemble and transport from inside the restaurant to outside.

6. Bring the outdoors...outdoors

Add an earthy vibe to tables by serving entrees and appetizers on beautiful wood boards. With the ROOT collection from Front of the House, patrons can get closer to nature with these circular wood boards that look like they came straight from the tree trunk.

7. Offer eco-friendly to-go options

Help cut down on pollution by offering eco-friendly takeaway containers. Whether your customer wants to take their lunch back to work or to the beach with friends, Conserveware from Fineline Settings has you covered.

8. ...and why not sustainable straws, too?

From iced coffee aficionados to cocktail connoisseurs, let your customers sip in style without harming the environment! The wrapped straws from Front of the House are compostable and biodegradable. They maintain their shape when wet, and add unique flair to elevate the look of every drink.

9. Keep the appetizers coming at outdoor events

Whether you're catering for an outdoor wedding or for a tailgate party, serve up your appetizers in style with these disposable boats from Front of the House. Their Servewise line is the eco-smart, eco-chic, eco-responsible, and priced-right disposable serving solution for all menus. Made from highly renewable woods, that's biodegradable and compostable.

10. Beautifully plate your entrees with non-breakage melamine

The Greenovations Collection from Elite Global Solutions is eco-friendly...made out of 50% bamboo and 50% melamine! If you're looking for a more upscale solution to your dining experience, then this is a great way to plate your entrees without worrying about any breakage.

And last, but not least...enjoy the season!

Restaurants often see an increase in business during the summer. By creating a vibey outdoor eating area, you'll make your restaurant even more attractive to customers who are looking to soak in the rays while chowing down.

To learn more about these products and see them up close and in person, schedule a visit to our showroom today!

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