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Family Hospitality Group

Families make up a large part of your business. But kids can’t sit still for long, so moms and dads may shorten their stay or cut back on eating out just to avoid the hassle. The result is less loyalty and fewer sales.


But with the innovative, cutting-edge strategies from Family Hospitality Group,  families can relax, stay longer and visit more often — resulting in higher profits for your restaurant.

Selection of disposable/thermoformed kids' cups that help reduce spills. This incredibly unique 12oz disposable cup/lid/straw kit is an easy solution to spilling drinks and it's perfect for kids of all ages in your restaurant.


Additionally, the clear plastic allows your servers to see the fluid level inside at a glance.

Kids cups, lids and straws

CrayAngle triangular crayons don't roll off tables! With their smart, ergonomic shape you'll be sure to please customers. 


Each year tens of millions of these best-selling triangular crayons teach little hands how to properly hold a writing instrument. Restaurant customers are happy to not have to chase crayons that have rolled under the table and servers don't have to worry about them becoming trip hazards.

Crayons and toys

Tabletop smallware

Have all your new customers graduate to proud chopstick users in no time. Starts as an individually-wrapped fork, with cheater chopsticks on the other end. Split apart when ready for it.

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