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Costa Nova

The love of life, family, friends and good food has inspired COSTA NOVA to create fine stoneware collections that combine quality and design with the best ceramic craftsmanship.


Using the best natural resources in Portugal, COSTA NOVA products are made in a single firing system heated up to 1180ºC (2160ºF) which creates a unique ceramic body with a special bonding between the clay and the glazed surface. This original formula explains why our stoneware is so durable and resistant to both thermal and mechanical shocks.



A timeless set that excudes elegance and was inspired by the charm of 18th and 19th century European ceramics. Each piece from the Pearl collection is adorned with a beaded rim that was crafted to create a sleek, contemporary style. Set the stage for all special celebrations or bring a soft, sophisticated backdrop to your everyday table.


IThe Lisa collection presents soft, organic shapes in a warm white glaze.

Each piece is unique in its shape and decor, bringing to the collection an irresistible handcrafted appeal. The collection is also very versatile and can be easily combined with other pieces for casual and fine dining.

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