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For 50 years, iSi has inspired new trends and re-interpreted the taste of food. They connect functionality, design and innovation into all of their products to create new paths and uncover new culinary possibilities.

Nitro Whip and Nitro Charger

Nitro Brew is on one of the fastest growing trends in the coffee business. Now iSi offers a way to include Nitro Brew personalized service in any size operation.

Offer Nitro Coffee, Nitro Tea, and Nitro Cocktails to delight your guests table/barside. Adding Nitrogen (N2) to cold brew coffee and cocktails initiates a spectacular cascading effect, making the beverage unique, attractive, and personal.

Nitrogen creates a velvety creamy texture and a long lasting foamy head for brews and cocktails. The iSi Nitro Whip allows operators to dispense fresh for every serving and the iSi designed closed system allows the brew to remain unchanged for several days in refrigeration.

A simple process for dispensing: just fill the Nitro Whip, charge with one iSi Nitro Charger, shake, and dispense. Watch the engaging swirl and cascade, as the foamy head develops right before your eyes.

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